Escape from Jamaica’s all-inclusive resorts and experience something really wild

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Next 2 of 4 The ticket booth for Windsor Cave. (Greg Brick) From the peak of our subterranean mountain of collapsed rock inside Windsor Cave in Jamaica, my companion Cindy thought she heard a river in the distance. The blackness of the cave loomed about us — scarcely illuminated by the brilliant yet smoky kerosene […]

Muck, mystery beneath our feet – Brick explores the sewers, caves and caverns beneath the Twin Cities.

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By JACK EL-HAI Special to the Star Tribune , STAR TRIBUNEGreg Brick, photo by Tony Nelson TEXT SIZE 0 0 EMAIL PRINT MORE Greg Brick’s tour of the dark caverns and damp passageways of the Twin Cities underground isn’t for claustrophobic readers. Nor is it for those too squeamish to relish Brick’s frequent immersions in raw […]

Pioneer Press – Into the Twin Cities underworld of muck, yuck, rats and wonder

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Urban underground explorer Greg Brick says his new book, “Subterranean Twin Cities,” is an armchair tour of the tunnels, caves, sewers and underground waterways of St. Paul and Minneapolis, not a guidebook for anyone who would try to follow in his sludgy footsteps. Filled with descriptions like “condoms, distended with raw sewage, dangled from the […]