Books by Dr. Greg Brick


Subterranean Twin Cities

Subterranean Twin Cities is the very first comprehensive published account of the wide variety of subterranean spaces, such as caves and tunnels, under the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, set in a geological and historical context, based on more than two decades of research by Dr. Greg Brick. Illustrated, 226 pages.

Wakan Tipi

Wakan-Tipi Cave

Wakan Tipi Cave (aka Carver’s Cave) was sacred to Native Americans and a landmark on the Mississippi River that is now celebrating its quarter millennium anniversary since the visit of Jonathan Carver in 1766. This 24-page color illustrated booklet brings together the definitive research on this famous cave.


Iowa Underground

The State of Iowa has an unsuspected trove of caves, mines, and tunnels that are open to the public. In 58 entries (220 pages), this is your best single guidebook to family adventure!

FC Cover

Fountain Cave

Fountain Cave was the reputed birthplace of the capitol of Minnesota. First described in 1817, it is the longest natural sandstone cave in the St Peter Sandstone, containing many curiosities such as waterfalls, and unexpected ones, such as spectres, all described in this 24-page color booklet.

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